Instagram Advertising stressing you out? Worried about what your daily budgets should be and if you’re tired of losing your money with Instagram Ads, etc. — you’re in the right place!

IG ADs done for you

Have you tried to run your Instagram Ads yourself and got no results? Are you intimidated by the complex nature of your Facebook Ads Manager? Have you been throwing money away by using the Instagram Ads BOOST and PROMOTE features? Do you want someone to take all of that stress away by running your Instagram Ads for you? Then you’re in the right place.

Rate starts at R1700

*rates do not include ad budget, only service fee.

  • Instagram Ads questionnaire
  • Business Manager setup
  • Goal discussion
  • Goal tracker
  • Audience Research
  • Monthly report
  • Filled out Instagram Ads questionnaire
  • Facebook Manager login credentials
  • Pixel Installation
  • Audience Research
  • Budget Setting
  • 1) Discover
  • 2) Commit
  • 3) Create
  • 4) Approve
  • 5) Review

The first step in starting our potential project is to fill out the commitment-free Start a Project form, or, if you want to go straight to booking- add your chosen service to your cart below and checkout.  We will ask some questions about your business, then we’ll send you an email with the proposal.

Buys Management also offers Facebook Advertising, click here to learn more.

If you have questions, contact us anytime and get a reply within 24-48 hours, excluding public holidays and weekends.

We’ll send you an email with a list of prerequisites, after confirming payment. If you haven't book yet, make sure to add the service to your cart and checkout below.

Using the research data, your content, and your brand guidelines, we’ll start creating test Instagram Ads. Once we find an strategy that works for your business, we will increase the Ad budget and begin working towards hitting the goals we set during our onboarding process.

The Instagram Ads testing phase can be very time consuming, expect this process to take a minimum of 2 weeks.

Note: Our service fee DOES NOT include an advertising budget. This is something you will decide and will provide.

When you’re happy and satisfied with the test Instagram Ads performance, we'll start preparing to scale the Ads by increasing the daily budget and work towards hitting your business goals.

During this phase you will also settle your account if you have a remaining balance with Buys Management, such as Ad Management fees.

We'll send you a monthly analytics report showing you the improvement and progress, what works and what doesn't. We'll use it to plan your next month's Instagram Ads strategy [if you wish to continue, which we always hope you do!].